Kyauk-ka-lat Near Pha-An In Myanmar

Kyauk-ka-lat near Pha-An in Myanmar

Kyauk Kalap

Situated at the south of Hpa An, on the way to Zwegabin, is the Kyauk Kalap – a truly unique pagoda, set on top of an unusual rock formation in the middle of a (man-made) lake. It is a beautiful spot and another that offers great photo opportunities of Mount Zwegabin. Despite signs that indicate otherwise, women are allowed access.

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Hpa An - the town

Hpa An is encircled by dramatic karst mountain scenery which juts from the surrounding plains, and many of these mountains contain large and religiously significant caves (more details further down this page). Then the most impressive example is the beautiful, sacred and monolithic Mount Zwegabin (sometimes spelt Zwekabin), which can be found 16 kilometres south east of Hpa An.

Mount Zwegabin

For climbers, Mount Zwegabin, there are steps all the way to the top but it is hard work, particularly in the heat – and the steps are in varying degrees of repair! It takes two to four hours to get to the summit, depending on your pace; there are people selling water and other refreshments on the way up. The monastery and pagoda at the top are a delight, and the canteen there serves fantastic food.

The caves

Nearby to Hpa An can also be found Sadan Cave, which opens into a gigantic cavern filled with Buddhas and pagodas and can be walked all the way through to the other side, under the mountain. It is truly impressive, and on the way back you can take a small two-person wooden ferry for K1500 per person, making for a lovely circuit. Take a look at our YouTube videoes of the entrance to Sadan Cave and the Sadan Cave return boat trip.

10 kilometres to the south east of Hpa An you will find Kaw Ka Taung caves and pool ; the swimming area here provides an opportunity to wind down and cool off after a day of exploring (although it can get busy with local children), and offers lovely views of the surrounding rice paddies and mountains. There are also a number of restaurants here that serve great local and Thai food.

Other caves in the area include Yathaypyan and Kawgun, which are situated on the west side of the Thanlwin river; all the caves are picturesque and hold substantial religious and historical value (details are written in English at the entrances to the caves).