Circle Train In Yangon

The Yangon Circle train departs daily from Yangon Central Railway Station from 8:30am and departs every 45 minutes to an hour, from platforms 6 and 7. Passports are required for ticket purchase.

At Yangon’s Train Station, train guards will friendly point you in the right direction of the tourist ticket booth as you pass through the aged platforms, rusting antiquated trains and families sleeping rough on any spare space available.

On the train, there is simple, basic and common toilet. Please think about you are sitting on a hard seat, and the final hour can seem painfully slow. However, the journey itself is unique, not only because you get to interact with the locals and witness their daily routine, but because this really is an intrepid adventure in the big city.

This is also the best and cheapest way to see the city of Yangon (Rangoon), the Yangon circle train is the Yangoonie’s favourite way to travel cheap.

At the end of the circle train tour, you will be really satisfied for your experience of

Local life, real view, sympatique of the one who are in struggling life. Then, ofcourse, flowers, fruite, vegetable, and local market. On the way, the plantation definitely will make you in green…cheers..enjoy it…!